26 Sep

1st year celebration of #KHIBookSwap

16th Aug. 2014 is the day when I formed #KHIBookSwap with Ifrah. The basic idea of this book club is to explore new genres and to connect all the book readers I know on twitter.

Alhamdulillah on 16th Aug. 2015 #KHIBookSwap completed its 1st year and we planned a little celebration. I have a idea of doing a book theme photo booth session at the celebration, so I discussed with Maham who is quite good at this. With some help from tumblr, pinterest and Maham I ordered some props for our celebration. After that I realized that we are first book club in Pakistan do to such a thing. We ordered Twix Cake from Sinful Bites. Which was so delicious and everyone likes it.


Almost all the members were present at the event and lost in their never ending conversations. I was excited as usual. Fizza brings homemade Chocolate Fudge Brownies which was a pleasant surprise for all of us.

First we cut the cake and later on we started our photo booth session and as expected everyone loves it. Here are the some photos from that day.

1st #KhiBookSwap celebration

Jamal and Ifrah holding props

1st #KhiBookSwap Celebration

Maham – who made all the props

1st #KhiBookSwap Celebration

Me with Ifrah Waqar – Cofounders of #KHIBookSwap

1st #KhibookSwap Celebration

My #KhiBookSwap Family

And above all selfie is must. . . . or should I say selfies.

1st #KhiBookSwap Celebration

Selfie by Noor

1st #KhiBookSwap Celebration

Selfie by Faiza

Thanks to my book club I’ve found diverse readers like Zeeshan and Jamal, creative people like Areeba, Noor and Maham and there are people who are with us from day one like Fizza and Noorulhuda. I really hope that in coming months I will find more good readers.

Noor Unnahar blogged about our 1st year celebration on her blog.

Thank you Ifrah, Fizza, Fiza, Noorulhuda, Jamal, Zeeshan, Natasha, Yusra, Jadirah, Maham, Areeba, Noor Unnahar and Faiza for making our book club meetings successful.

Written by Farman Shams Co-founder of #KHIBookSwap